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Welcome to the mainstream, dear tablet!

Sabrina Proske

Dear tablet,

I warmly welcome you to the mainstream. Nice to meet you. I love using you. Your market share seems to be shaping up well. That´s why we want to produce amazing content for you. But before publishing in March 2014 I really have to research which system software is the best for SHIFT.

„Market research is a part of marketing and is also referred to as market analysis. It means to gather information about the target markets or customers. It is a very important component of the business strategy. It´s a key element to maintain superiority over competitors and it provides THE information to identify and analyze the market.“ That´s what wikipedia says. And so does Inga von Staden, our dean of studies. Doesn´t seems so be that difficult. Hmm.. but maybe it is? „The market research is the business of the Producer.“ – FUCK, THATS ME! I think, while browsing pages for pages for days! I reread statistics and tried to interpret them (in a right way). They do not speak for themselves! It strikes that there are statistics for any monkey business, but of course: except for the one I am looking for. It´s my mission to find out about the market share and the unit shipment of used tablet software in Germany. That sounds great, especially when I am overflown with statistics which I don´t give a damn about. Unfortunately, sometimes they don´t make any sense. It depends on the publisher and his interests in it. And it´s incredibly interesting that there are so many global surveys but to find analysis about the behavior of German tablet-user (and not for smartphones!) is almost impossible. That is really great as we decided to launch SHIFT for the start only in Germany…


The tablet market is increasing.

Up to now I figured out that in 2010 Apple started with an amazing market share of nearly 80% worldwide. Android partially with only 8%. But everything changed in the last years. The market share of both met in the middle at about 50%. This is traced back to the fact that Apple lacks new customers. They prefer more and more Microsoft, Asus, Lenovo and of course Samsung. One reason might be the high price for the Ipad. A second reason are personal preferences, pro and anti-Apple attitudes also influence the decision. You can find a lot about emotional hostility on this topic.

All over the tablet-market is booming better than ever. Until the end of this year 200 million tablets will be sold. And it´s getting more unreal: the annual growth until 2017 will be 11% up to 350 millions tablets. 27% of German internet-users state to own a tablet-PC, half of them an iPad.


Who is the typical Ipad user?

Who is the typical Ipad user? According to the amusing thesis of Eric Schmidt  he is a cultured man, anxious to this physically appearance and wealthy. Sounds a bit exaggerated but Apple likes to present them self in a special light. That´s why start-ups always prefer to produce for Apple.

Well, for now there are the best preconditions to produce for you, my dear little tablet. But, for which software? Automatically our team decided to produce for the Ipad. Though we still have to decide for which Ipad version.

And thanks to our mentor Lars Henriksen, (he pointed out that there is more than Apple outside the Institute of Animation, especially in Germany) I am sitting in the office, tortured by statistics, and desperate to find the right numbers. The internet is full of articles about the doom of the Ipad and the resurrection (of the dead) Android-Tablets.

Well, we will see, dear tablet.

Serial: Are there any deadlines or meetings today?

Sabrina Proske

It´s 9 o´clock. Everything is peaceful and quite in the office. Besides the messages of Trello, which are popping up every few minutes on my iPhone, I enjoy the silence before the storm. Iris probably woke up at 5 am and is making me feel like a slacker by editing her tasks in Trello. The window is open, heating is on (that´s the only possibility to get the perfect temperature!). I am arranging my notes and checking e-mails before my team is entering the AK-Office one by one around 10.

Marsl, always with a big smile on his face, suddenly flings the door wide open and throws his bag in the corner. `GOOD MORNING!` he calls out happily and disappears as quickly as he had appeared. He gets to the AK-kitchen to get a coffee. The coffee we have is the most horrible coffee you can imagine! But Marsl doesn´t care about it. He always says it´s the best coffee he has ever drunken. He sits down at his spinning-chair with an energetic swing. After a short `Are there any deadlines or meetings today?´ he nods pleasantly and buries himself behind his desks answering e-mails. At least it looks like he is writing e-mails. I am now annoying him for over 3 weeks with the question `You still need more time for your studies on the target group??` – ´Done to 99%. I am only waiting for feedback` After that he kindly points out that he continues answering e-mails. Well, I think … I am going to ask him again in 10 minutes. But 10 minutes later I already forgot to ask. Then we´re filled up with work anyway. Marsl calls the next two hours a “callcenter” because as a Producer I am spending a huge time on the phone, especially before lunch. That´s why he puts his headphones on. While listening to 80ies and 90ies music he makes detailed changes to his storybible, the script or other documents. I still hope that these documents are getting shorter until his diploma. But he is adding more and more with a lot of enthusiasm…

Be part of our unique storyworld Shift!

Sabrina Proske

Les aventures de TinTin, Watchmen, Batmen, Spider-Man, Micky Mouse or Donald Duck – just to name some of the most popular global comic strips. Since several decades, comics are inspiring thousands of readers. The medium used to be entirely print based, due to the development of tablet pcs and improving resolutions the digital comic is becoming more and more popular.

Because of new, innovative content and technology, not only big publisher like DC or Marvel are getting the chance to acquire comic readers who usually wouldn´t be interested in old comic stuff.

With Shift – Tales of the Sentinels we want to create an interactive journey. Get involved in our story and be part of our unique story world!                                                                                             But storyworlds aren´t  born overnight. They require considered authorship, strategic planning and effective and intelligent use of social media. That´s why we´re going to present you in this blog our journey – from preproduction to the launch in March 2014.

We would like to give you an exclusive insight in our production pipeline with all ups and downs. Have fun, don´t hesitate to participate in our discussions, like our posts or give us feedback!

Transmedia storytelling is evolving radically, allowing producers, writers, content creators and artists in every medium to reach across multiple platforms and connect with more audiences than ever before. Take the chance and go on an exciting journey with us :-)

- Producer of Shift -

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