I’m often asked “What is Shift! all about?”. Well, I’ll tell you. Imagine …

Imagine, behind our world, there is another one.

Imagine, on this other level, the emotions of us human kind have their own lives and agendas.

Imagine, those manifestations, like hungry monsters craving for our attention.

With Shift! We want to tell the stories of the Sentinels – human beings that are able to shift between those two worlds. Beyond the publics attention, they fight an endless battle.

Adam, a 17 year old boy, doesn’t know that he is one of them. As a teenager, he has enough problems himself. But thanks to his potential, his capability to shift between these two worlds he is destined to change both worlds forever.

Shift is an interactive comic series for the ipad, which wants to question what a comic nowadays can be and how you enable the user to discover a storyworld. We combine the classic linear way of comic storytelling with dramaturgical elements from open-world games with a dynamic and interactive camera.

Explore every single comic panel, find extra content like background stories or soundfiles and dive into the world of Shift!.